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The following is a list of frequently asked questions along with their corresponding answers. If you have any queries about the site or our products that are not addressed below, or if there is something else you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ordering, Delivery, Shipping, Payment
1) Q. Could you explain your shopping guide?
A. Please refer to the section on shopping guide.

2) Q.What payment options are available?
A. Check or bank transfer. For more details, please refer to the Payment section.

3) Q. When do I have to pay for my goods?
A. Upon approval of design and final payment being issued, 70% of the total cost must
be paid. When we receive this payment we will begin production of your order.
We will then notify you of the delivery date. The balance of the amount must be
paid by no more than five days before delivery.

4) Q. What is the shipping procedure?
A. We use our own, designated delivery company for delivery. We will inform you
of your delivery cost prior to delivery, and this must be paid with remaining balance
of your order. If the value of your order exceed $3,000, the delivery fee shall be

5) Q. Can you deliver by on time?
A. We aim to deliver finished products within three weeks.
However, as delays can be possible, we recommend you place your order well in
advance. If you have enquiries about the order, please contact us.

Prices and Estimates
1) Q. I would like to get a quotation for a uniform.
A. Please refer to the price list on the home page. You can place an order for quantities
of 5 or more, but if you want to place a larger order, please contact us directly.

2) Q. I would like to get a quotation for other items.
A. Please email us the details, including the required prints and markings. We will send you a design and a quotation.

1) Q. Is it possible to order different sizes of shirts and pants?
A. Yes. You can place an order for any size you want.

2) Q. Can you accept orders for a mixture of long-sleeve and short-sleeve?
A. Yes. As long as your order exceeds 5 items, you can order whatever you like.

3) Q. What is the minimum amount I can order?
A. The initial order must be for at least 5 items. You can then re-order the same item starting
from quantities of 1.

4) Q. Is it possible to have one uniform produced as a sample prior to ordering?
A.Yes, but a sample production fee will be charged.

5) Q. What can I do if I want to re-order?
A. If an item has an order history, we can accept re-orders for it. For more information,
please contact us.

6) Q. How long after a uniform is produced does it remain available for re-order?
A. We hold data for all other records on file for 3 years, so you can re-order within this period of time.

7) Q. When do I provide information such as size, number and player name?
A. After the design has been approved, you can fill in the details on the official order form.

1) Q. What is the difference between sublime print uniforms and stitch uniforms?
A. Please refer to the detailed description on each product's page.

2) Q. What does the color of the end product look like?
A. The colors displayed by the color simulator can vary, depending on the type of computer you are using, your screen resolution and your browser. If you would like us to send you out an actual color sample, please contact us directly.

3) Q. I'm concerned about the size.
A. Please refer to the size chart for each product. If you would like us to send you out a sample for checking, please contact us directly.

4) Q. I would like to create an original design.
A. We can help you with this. Please contact us for more information.

5) Q. Can you provide uniforms for sports other than soccer and futsal (for example, rugby and basketball)?
A. Yes, we produce items for all types of sport. Please contact us directly for more information.

Design Simulator
1) Q. Will the final product be exactly as shown by the design simulator?
A. No. Our in-house designers use the design created with the simulator as a guide
to produce the final product. If you would like to make any changes, please let us know.

2) Q. I can only input a single person's name and number on the simulator. What should I do
about the rest?
A. Once the design has been approved, you can fill in the details for all shirts on the order

3) Q. I would like to order long-sleeved shirts.
A. Although the simulator does not provide a long-sleeved option, we can produce
long-sleeved shirts. At time of ordering, please specify that your preference is for

4) Q. Can I change the position of logos and numbers?
A. Yes but this can not be done on the simulator, so please make a note of your
requirements in the remarks column on the order form.

1) Q.What are markings?
A. As an addition to sublimation printing, markings can be applied to uniforms via
silkscreen, cutting sheets or film transfers. For price and color information, please
refer to our Uniform Markings section.

2) Q. Are the markings durable?
A. As our marking is the paste-on type, it all depends on what kind of usage the
uniform receives. If the markings are damaged within 6 months of purchase, we will
repair at no extra cost. After that, charges will apply for all repairs.

3) Q. Can I choose the font?
A. You can select a font from our list of available fonts. Although not in the list, we can
also incorporate characters and symbols, so please contact us if you have this

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